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The goal of Bookworm Deluxe is to make words to feed the hungry Bookworm, while watching out for burning letters that could ignite your library!

In both game types, Classic and Action, you must create words by linking letters on the board together. To select a letter, just click on it. Then select another letter adjacent to the first, and then another one adjacent to that, until you have formed a word of at least 3 letters. When you have a valid word, click the Submit button and it will be removed from the screen.

You can tell if your word is valid by looking at the sidebar... if there is a point value under your word, the Bookworm game accepts it as a real word.

Letters must be adjacent, and you can't backtrack... small green arrows will show you the 'path' of the word you're creating.

Bookworm Deluxe Game Features

  • All-new Action Game!
  • Make words up to 12 letters long!
  • Brand new Sapphire and Diamond tiles!
  • Hall of Fame to record best scores and words!
  • Upload your high scores to the web!
  • Bookworm game defines tricky words onscreen!

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 Amazing game
by (India)
Absorbing, makes u 2 get involved, improves vocabulary.

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