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Exotic Minesweeper World Records

Minesweeper Best Times [Hexagonal Shifted, Beginner]

ClassicTriangularTriangular ShiftedHexagonalHexagonal ShiftedOctagonalOctagonal 2Parquet

1 Dmitriy Kronikovskiy0.2513.08.2017
2 Sergey Goncharov2.6430.12.2017
3 Xiaolei Su6.2719.10.2009
4 Emery Shier7.8009.03.2009
5 Jonathan Ladouceur9.0927.06.2008
6 Nadya9.5501.08.2008
7 Chris Knerr21.3927.02.2011
8 Linda Thomas33.4212.09.2007
9 ---
10 ---

Minesweeper Hexagonal Shifted field. Beginner level.

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