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Noah's Ark Deluxe - Puzzle Game

The goal of Noah's Ark is to save animals, two by two, by linking them to each other on the game field. Once connected, pairs of animals will fly into the Ark!

Animals must be removed in pairs of the same type. There needs to be a clear path from one to the other for them to be removed. For instance, an animal that is surrounded by animals of a different sort cannot be connected to one further away

You score a combo when you remove 2 or more sets of the same animal type in a row. For instance, if you clear 2 lions, then another set of 2 lions, you have just made a simple combo. Getting larger ones, like 9 sets of elephants in a row, is much harder, but also much more valuable.

Combos do two things... they give you extra points, and they will reduce your flood level. This can be very important later in the game, giving you more time before the waters rise dangerously high!

Noah's Ark Game Features

The new Deluxe version of Noah's Ark game features awesome new artwork, sound, and music, plus a host of new features, like:

  • Bonus 'Stampede' Rounds!
  • Save your high scores for posterity!
  • Brand new never-before-seen Puzzle mode!
  • Three levels of difficulty!
  • All-new animals and animation!

Noah's Ark Deluxe Free Download

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 grates game
I love Noah's Ark because it us biblical.

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