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Seven Seas Game

Ahoy matey! Time to set sail for an ocean full of danger!

You control the White Galleon, and your goal is to eliminate all the Pirate Ships on each level. You can destroy them with your Cannons, or lure them into collisions with island reefs and each other. But beware! There are smarter pirates lurking out there, along with even more dreadful things.

Seven Seas is a turn-based game. After YOU move, all the Pirates move. Then you get the chance to move again, followed by the Pirates, and so on. You can take as much time as you like deciding what to do.

The Pirates will try to collide with you. If they succeed, you'll lose one of the three lives you begin the game with. When all your ships are gone, the game is over!

You must do your best to sink all the Pirates on each level. When you've destroyed them all, you'll proceed to the next wave.

You won't be able to use your cannons to get all the Pirates! Luckily for you, most Pirates aren't too bright, and in their bloodlust will often collide with island reefs or each other!

Normal Pirates will always steer straight for you, whether or not there's an island, shipwreck, or fellow Pirate in the way. They'll be destroyed if they collide with an obstacle, leaving behind a shipwreck.

Shipwrecks can be fired over with your cannons, but otherwise block movement. Remember you can get the Pirates to crash aground on shipwrecks as well! But some Pirates are too smart for these tricks! Play the awesome new version of this action puzzler!

Seven Seas Game Features

  • Terrific new graphics, featuring 3d rendered pirates and monsters!
  • Booming, realistic sound effects!
  • A brand new soundtrack composed especially for Seven Seas!
  • All new enemies to face, including the Blue Buccaneers and the Flying Dutchman!
  • Brand new bonus stage... can you unlock the secret of Treasure Island?
  • Interactive tutorial for beginners!
  • Save your high scores locally, or upload them to web to compete with others from around the world!

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