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Get ready to soil your plants!

Player Reviews for Plants vs. Zombies
Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5

 Loved the game and the slot
by (United Kindgom)
I first came across this game as a slot game, but since I am poor I decided to play it for free. It's filling my evenings now that the kids have gone to University.

by (nigeria)
This game is awesome, I am in love with plants vs zombies!

by (nigeria)
zombie is such a wonderful game it one of the best game have ever played

 Nice Game
by (Psig City Philippines)
It's very fun to play .. I enjoyed a lot ! I'm loving it by now actually .. Hahaha so like it..

 simply excellent!
by (Laguna, Philippines)
This game is so simple but excellent to play...

by (philippines)
thank you we love this game... we really enjoy playing this game... thank you

 Great In with the zombies
by (Sri lanka)
Wow, this is a aweasome game in simple games! I like this if u r pls comment.

 I love it
by (Iran)
Plants v.s zombies is a very nice game.

 plants vs. zombies
by (5111 san antonio st. pio del pilar makati city)
Its very strategy games friendly play tnx.

 I love it
by (saltanet of oman)
Plants v.s zombies is a very nice game. I have it in my computer, woooow!

 plants vs zombies
by (ludhiana punjab india)
Very very interesting game yaaaaarrrrr.

by (kerala, lndia)
Waw! What's a game I like it so much.

 Wow game
by (USA, York, New York)
This is a perfect games.. Especially, plants when grown and shoot zombies..
Holy bucket! I won in the game.

 . .awesome
. .dIZ GAME IS ONE of a kind. .i really love diz game. .

by (malaysia)
This game is the most awesome game EEEVVVEEERRR!!!!

by (Philippines)
My brother likes this game a lot!!
Keep up the good work!! :)

 super nice game... amazing
by (philippines, cavite city)
I really like to play it everyday because its too great game...!!! Ex:of this when you battle with doctor zomboss...!!!...its super "AMAZING"!

 amazing game
by (malout, india)
Itsssss a lovely game, I never heard about before, but my buddy gave me this game and I played it in interest and I liked it veryyyyyyyy much !!!!!

 this game is the best
by (wards river nsw)
I love this game very much. I think it the best game in the world. I got it on my ipad, ipod. Now I about to get it on my laptop hahahahahaha. This game rocks! I love plants vs zombies, I about to play plant vs zombies right now. Wish me good luck!

by (cebu, philippines)
This game is a life time long shot..its very awesome and entertaining!!!

 Wonderful!! :)
by (Malang, Indonesia)
I like this game, because very funny and very very good! :)

 great work for this game
by (Dhanbad, India)
Itsssssssss really, very good game. I can't belive that It can be complete marvelous game in lower spaces (34 MB).

 im lovin it
It is just so much fun. I enjoyed this game a lot. Its very exciting and funny. I totally loved it u have to try it !!! ;) <3 :)

 annoying game
by (Seattle, WA)
what kind of annoying game is this, pea plats shooting zombies? it's making nonesense... I'll rate this zero but since there is no zero i'll rate only 1...

 nice games
by (ulanbator mongolia)
I'm from Mongolia. All the game is very interesting.

by (india, kerela, kannur)
This game is so simple that anyone could play this.

by (Amritsar, Punjab)
I love this game but it should be free full version!

 Number one
by (Iran)
I'm from Iran and with low speed I downloaded this game. I'm crazy of it and never be tired of it. Playing all the day.

This game is...AMAZING!! Every 1 should try it.

 Nice game.
by (Manila, Philippines)
Fun and exciting game for all ages. Very entertaining.

by (Manila, philippines)
I was shocked about it... Tactics and strategy game - I love it...

by (Rawalpindi)
I like this game because it requires mind and quickness.
It is a tricky game.
You have never played this game like this.

by (mindanao)
i love this game!... makes me stay calm when i'm thinking of a lot of things... coz when your playing it.. your already smiling! you gonna try this!

by (Manila City, Philippines)
I really like this game... It's wonderful, help me a lot to overcome my stress and make me feel good and happy...

 The best game ever
I played this game for the first time and I've never heard of it before, so I just tried it and I stared to get really in to it and I was playing this game for almost 3 hours! It was so much fun I absolutely love this game!!! So I think if you tried it you will love it to as much as I do.

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