Snowy: The Bear's Adventures

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Game

This is yet another brilliant example of an arcade game, where the main task is to win all of the monsters. Practically no violence included, however. Your character is a cute white bear, the environment is soothing and even the monsters themselves are funny!

You will be simply playing snowballs. Do you miss winter games much? Then this is perfect for you.

A little white bear Snowy got into a strange world, inhabited with funny but very dangerous monsters. All that he has to protect himself are snowballs. A lot of snowballs. So the brave bear throws them at the monsters without any sparing to find the way to his sweet home Arctic.

10 different monsters and 4 Bosses are on you way, and you must help Snowy to win over them! But time is limited - if you spend too much time on the level, the Ghosts will come to hasten you! Remember - they are immortal!

To win, throw the snowballs at the monsters until they become a big snowball. Then come close and kick it! To win over the Bosses you should hit them with big snowballs.

Try to knock out other monsters! This will give you a lot of bonuses and a great score.

Snowy has 4 original worlds. Each world has unique graphics, monsters and bosses on the last level. Just don't relax too much.

Game Features

  • 88 levels of non-stop fun
  • Four visually stunning game worlds
  • Smooth cartoon-style animation
  • Amusing, not scary, monsters
  • Special Kids Mode with easy gameplay
  • Combos and other means of scoring points provide replay value

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Game Screenshots

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Screenshot Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Screenshot Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Screenshot

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Me
Memory: 64 MB
CPU: Pentium 300

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