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Mahjong [2003-04-11]

Remove all the tiles from the board by finding matching pairs of free tiles.

Download Mahjong (4.5 Mb)

Bookworm Deluxe
Bookworm Deluxe [2003-04-10]

Make words to feed the hungry Bookworm, while watching out for burning letters.

Download Bookworm Deluxe (4.5 Mb)

Monsters' House
Monsters' House [2003-04-04]

Combine monsters of the same color in the groups of 4 to hold the invasion.

Download Monsters' House (7.4 Mb)

Big Money
Big Money [2003-04-02]

Collect coins, score big and strike it rich in Big Money!

Download Big Money (3.4 Mb)

Puzzle Inlay
Puzzle Inlay [2003-02-19]

Inlay over 100 amusing picture puzzles with gems.

Download Puzzle Inlay (6.5 Mb)

Brave Dwarves 2
Brave Dwarves 2 [2003-02-02]

The underground kingdom is in deep trouble. It's the most interesting adventure you've ever gone thr

Download Brave Dwarves 2 (6.4 Mb)

Gold Sprinter
Gold Sprinter [2003-01-27]

Run around a level to gather gold and dig holes to trap monsters.

Download Gold Sprinter (12 Mb)

Beetle Bug 3
Beetle Bug 3 [2003-01-27]

Destroy monsters by dropping rocks on their heads or throwing grenades to them.

Download Beetle Bug 3 (16 Mb)

Digger Adventures
Digger Adventures [2003-01-27]

Guide a small bulldozer through underground levels and gather gems.

Download Digger Adventures (18 Mb)

Pacbomber [2003-01-22]

Modern remake of popular classic games PacMan and Bomberman.

Download Pacbomber (1.8 Mb)

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