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Are you pool fan? If yes you have got a chance to play pool game directly on your work or home PC with this beautiful fully 3D virtual pool!

You will be amazed with realistic view of pool game surrounding and specially with ball movements, they act as they are alive!

Players' chat is a remarkable feature of virtual pool. It makes you believe that you are playing a real pool game with real opponents.

It features Straight Pool, 14+1, 3 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball, Pyramid and Rotation games. Network mode works over LAN or Internet, and supports online virtual pool games and competitions.

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Virtual Pool Game Features

  • The very best 3d pool game for all Windows 9x,2000,XP,Vista,7
  • Straight Pool, 14+1, 8, 9, exotic Pyramid, Death Match & others...
  • Internet play, web matches, practice with robots, tutorial...
  • Free 1-month Billiards membership, play pool in virtual online club
  • Local, TCP/IP and online club pool game modes

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Free download Live Billiards game (6.9 Mb)

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You can get the full version of this 3d Pool game after you download and install it.

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