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Funny Creatures game download

Funny Creatures Game

Funny Creatures is a new original puzzle game for the entire family. This game consists of 80 creative puzzle levels. You must control colored creatures in the maze to finish each level. It is not required to solve all puzzles one after another - you can start playing from any puzzle level you want. Some puzzles are easy but others may be very difficult. Full version of the Funny Creatures includes many interesting puzzles.

This game can help you to relax after the hard work and train your brain and logical thinking.

Game Objectives

The object of the Funny Creatures game is to move all of the creatures to marked with corresponding color floor positions. Creature moves in a straight line until it collides with the wall or other creature. Arrows on the floor change the direction of creature's movement.

Funny Creatures Download

You can free download Funny Creatures game to play it on your computer. Trial version of Funny Creatures includes 10 easy and 7 hard free puzzle levels. Download game and help the creatures to solve amusing puzzles! We offer the latest version of Funny Creatures: v.2.14.

Free download Funny Creatures game (1.3 Mb)

Get Funny Creatures Full Version

If you want to play full version of the Funny Creatures game, you must register. Full version includes 80 unique hand-crafted puzzles, many more hours of brain-busting fun, free updates, technical support, no nags, no limitations.

Get full version of the Funny Creatures ($9.97)

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