Invadazoid Game

Invadazoid game mixes up Arkanoid game style and the original Space Invaders. From Arkanoids' point of view, bricks are replaced by aliens and from Space Invaders' point of view, player gets a ball but loses gun which can be picked up as a power-up.

Dive right into the action-packed, ball-slinging, alien-busting world of the incredible Invadazoid! The addictive play of this wonderful arcade game is sure to reel you in in no time flat. With four different modes of play, the good times just keep getting better... the many fabulous levels, cool animation, and wonderful sound effects all serve to sweeten the deal. This dynamic game mixes the game play of Space Invaders with the arkanoid-style fun of your favorite brick-busting games. Invadazoid is definitely the game to unite fans across genres.

From the 60+ Levels of Invasion Mode to the never-ending fun of Survival Mode, Invadazoid is packed full of excitement! There are 8 locations in all, each with a new boss and even more levels.

Game modes

Invadazoid offers 4 game modes, 3 of which are available at the start of the game.

  • Invasion mode. In Invasion mode you must save Earth from hundreds of alien hordes. To complete invasion mode, you must vanquish all enemies in 8 cities all around the world. Each wave is led by a big boss, which is very tough to destroy. You will get a gun power-up if you kill the boss to help you destroy remaining aliens. Each city features ten waves of aliens, and boss is encountered at the last level.
  • Survival mode. In survival mode, you face endless hordes and waves of aliens.
  • Boss mode. This mode lets you encounter each boss again but here, they are more guarded. There are 8 missions to complete, each with its boss. You can unlock Boss mode by completing Invasion mode.
  • Classic mode. If you were waiting another Space Invaders themed game but found out that its an Arkanoid, here is the classic mode that lets you play by original Space Invaders rules. No power-ups or balls, you have only yourself, your gun and a wave of enemies with sometimes coming UFO.

Game Features

  • Space Invaders meets Arkanoid!
  • 4 Exciting Modes of Gameplay with Over 60 Levels!
  • Enjoy Fun New Invaders and Bosses in Exciting New Locations!
  • You will be addicted to this fast-paced arcade game in no time.

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Game Screenshots

Invadazoid Screenshot Invadazoid Screenshot Invadazoid Screenshot

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: 600 MHz or faster
RAM: 128 MB

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