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Mummy Maze Deluxe Puzzle Game

The Golden Mask of Tutankhamen awaits discovery, but only a daring and crafty adventurer can overcome the curse of his tomb! This new PC game is sure to delight fans of the exciting puzzler!

The goal of Mummy Maze game is to make your way through the treacherous chambers of an Egyptian pyramid to claim the treasure waiting at the top. The only problem? The pyramid is riddled with traps, infested with deadly scorpions, and haunted by relentless mummies.

It'll take all your skill and nerve to outwit the challenges of the Mummy Maze!

Mummy Maze is a turn-based game. First you move, then the mummy moves, then it's back to you again.

Your objective in each maze is to make it to the exit without getting caught by the mummy.

The problem is that for every one square you move, the mummy moves two! You need to take advantage of his limited intelligence to trick him into dead ends and cul-de-sacs.

Outwit the Mummy and find the treasure of the Pyramids!

Mummy Maze Game Features

  • Stunning new 3d-rendered graphics and hand-drawn splash screens!
  • Brand new Adventure Mode will challenge master adventurers! Defeat 15 of the most devious pyramids we could devise!
  • Save your high scores and upload them to the web to compete with players around the world!
  • Nearly 10,000 new mazes to try, including the all-new 10x10 puzzlers!

Mummy Maze Deluxe Free Download

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Player Reviews for Mummy Maze | Show All Reviews [3]
Average Rating: 5 out of 5

 Challenging game
by (4041 so 1600west 24C)
This game is very challenging and witty it keeps you playing without getting at all bored. It wacks your brain. I want this game back on my comp I have recently played the short version and asked if I would like to buy it I don't know how to because it directs you but nothing happens no place to put in my credit card.

 old games i used to have and lost
I loved this game so much and tried to get it back on my comp when it was time to buy it again it didnt give me any options where and how can you help me install and keep the full version again

 Must to Play
by (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.)
Interesting, irresistable, mind boggling full of thrill & challenge.

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